Metered | Video

Video and Voice


Create composed streams for Video Meetings, Voice Meetings, Recordings and Live Streaming.



Video Composition: Combine Multiple Video and Audio Streams to make a single Stream of Video.

HD quality Video Composition

Composite Meetings

Create Composite meetings. Instead of sending multiple video and audio streams send a single composite stream.

Composite Recordings

Record composite video meetings and live streams along with individual audio video streams.

Composite Live Streaming

With Live Streaming functionality you can stream to millions of users. If you want to you third party streaming providers we also have RTMP out and HLS streams.

Add Watermark in Composite Video

Add custom watermark to your videos. You can adjust the size and position of your watermark as well.

Composite Layout

With multiple pre-defined composition layouts available. Choose the one that suites you best.

Video Only Composition

We have video only composition

Audio Only Composition

We have audio only composition.