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with a Single Line of Code.

1:1 and Group Video Calls,Cloud Recording, Composition, Interactive Live Streaming, 99.99% Uptime, Customization, Moderation tools, Live Chat and Much More.

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Video APPS

Easily Add Video Chat By just pasting
a single line of code. That's it.

With HD quality Video that scales to Millions of Users.

Cloud Recording

Unlimited cloud recording. Never miss an important moment

Screen Sharing

Share your Screen in upto 5k Resolution for crystal clear viewing and awesome presentation.

10,000 person calls

With Metered SDK and Video APIs you can create up to 10,000 person calls.

Live Streaming

Live Stream your meeting to millions of people around the globe with Metered Video SDK and API

Interactive Live stream with extremely low latency

Live Stream with extremely low latency such that your audience can interact with you in real time. There is practically no lag between the meeting and the live stream.

Live Chat

Live Chat with Support for up to 10 million of online users available with the Metered Video

Waiting Room

Let your participants adjust camera and mic in the waiting area.

Create Custom Room Name and URL

Ability to create your custom URL with Metered Video and create Custom Room Name as well.

Create Public / Private Rooms

Ability to create Private rooms where only the people that are invited can enter. Ability to create Public Rooms where any one can enter after taking permission from the admin.

Signup and Add Video and Text Chat in minutes Free Integration Support with Every Account.

With Built-in Chat Capabilities

Metered Embed comes with built-in chat that can be used for any use-case. Include features like file sharing, image sharing, moderation, reaction, reply messages and more.

Live Chat with Video

1-1 and Group Video calling with 1-1 and Group Chat Capabilities, with API and webhooks for a deeper integration.

1-1 and Group Chat

Metered Embed has powerful built-in chat that is highly scalable and can be used in small video meetings as well as large broadcast based livestreams.

File and Image Sharing

Metered Embed's built-in Chat include built-in file sharing and image sharing with image previews.

Reply to Messages

Reply to individual messages in a group chat, with ability to provide reactions to messages.

Deeper Integration

Metered Embed offers simple and powerful API to provide deeper integration into your platform.

React Native and Ionic Compatible

Easily add video calling capabilities to your react native or ionic application in minutes.

Powerful Dashboard

View Chats, Send Messages and Manage Rooms and Sessions right from the dashboard.

Metered Embed Demo

This is demo of Metered Embed. You can add video call into your website and app in minutes, just like the demo here.

Use Cases

From Telehealth to Education, From Expert Support to Hiring, from Field Services to Sales and Social. We have got you covered.

Economical and Enterprise ready

Metered's Enterprise Scalability and large scale infrastructure Deployment around the world, means enterprise dependability that you need and Economical cost of operation that you want.

Connect doctors and care providers with patients. With special HIPAA-ready Video calling APIs.
Education / Remote Learning
Create awesome educational and e-learning websites/apps integrate video calling with classroom, whiteboard and educational apps with Metered 1-1 tutoring sessions, group classes and much more.
Expert and Field services
Automate and implement services and processes by adding video and audio communications to your APPs and websites.

Dependable, scalable, Video communications. Get fantastic R.O.I with Metered.

Get fantastic R.O.I with Metered. The cost of operation is half of the Competition and further goes down as you scale. With infrastructure deployment the world over you get the dependability you need.

Sales / Retail
Give beautiful demos and great customer-service right from your platform. With HD-quality Video/Audio communications from Metered.
Hiring and Workplace Collaboration.
Create awesome workplace Collaboration and Hiring processes with Metered.
Social Apps and gaming
Build Multi-player video and audio interactions in your apps with Metered also Integrate Video into social experiences and drive up the Engagement with Metered.

Video Features you Need.

Add with a Single Line of Code in Minutes | Metered Video


Control every aspect of the video with APIs, Create rooms in bulk, kick users, switch on / Off camera and mic and many more.

Create Audio Only Rooms

Need to create audio only Rooms you can do that with Metered SDK and APIs.

Ability to record composite video

You can record a single Video and audio stream that has all the participants audio / video combined using composite recording.

Add Watermark on the Video

You can easily add a watermark with your company name in the video.

Active Speaker Detection

With Active Speaker detection you can have layout where the active speaker is highlighted.

Enterprise SLA

We Sign Enterprise SLA for your peace of mind.

Add Video in Minutes

Paste a single line of code to add video to your website or app

Mobile Optimized

Our video iframe is Optimized for mobile devices as well as desktop devices and scales across multiple devices easily.

Moderation Features

Moderate the meeting with moderation features like ability to allow users to the meeting, ability to kick participants out of the meeting, turn on/off camera and mic of participants.

Kick Users

Ability to kick participants out of the meeting

Mute Participants Audio / Video

Ability to mute participant Audio / Video.

Pay as you Go, No upfront fees, No monthly subscriptions, or contracts required.

Minute Volume / month List Price Discount Cost/ participant-min (Video) Cost/ participant-min (Audio)
100k - 500k 6% $0.0028 USD $0.00067 USD
+500k - 1M 10% $0.0027 USD $0.00064 USD
+1M - 5M 20% $0.0024 USD $0.00057 USD
+5M - 10M 30% $0.0021 USD $0.00050 USD
+10M - 20M 40% $0.0018 USD $0.00043 USD
+20M > 50% $0.0015 USD $0.00036 USD

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