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DocuScout transforms your website or documentation site into an intelligence powerhouse, where every query leads to precise, relevant, and instant solutions.

Join for free, and add instant docs search and AI powered Chat in 2 minutes.

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Key Features

Add Search to Your Documentation with Ease using DocuScout

AI-Powered Chat Assistance

Discover with AI: Ask questions and receive exact solutions and relevant documentation references.

Contextual Understanding: Our AI comprehends your documentation, offering answers that directly address user queries.

Lightning-Fast Search

Immediate Results: Experience a search function that rivals the speed and efficiency of leading platforms.

Unlimited Queries: We don’t limit curiosity; enjoy unlimited instant search queries.

Effortless Site Integration

Quick Setup: Integrate DocuScout in just 5 minutes. Simply provide your sitemap URL and embed our code.

Versatile Compatibility: Works effortlessly with HTML, WordPress, Next.js, VuePress, Jekyll, and more.

Multi-Site Search Functionality

Comprehensive Coverage: Easily create a search function that spans your blog, documentation, and forums.

Unified Resource Access: Provide users with a holistic view of all your online content in one search experience.

Why DocuScout?

The information your users seek is buried in extensive documentation or not phrased in searchable terms. DocuScout intelligently navigates through this complexity, presenting users with exactly what they're searching for.

Unearth Hidden Insights

Often, valuable information is hidden in the depths of your documentation. DocuScout cuts through the clutter, delivering the most pertinent information directly to your users.

Enhanced User Experience

By coupling AI-driven chat with instant search results, DocuScout not only answers queries but guides users to explore more, deepening their engagement and understanding of your content.

Effortless Knowledge Discovery

Our AI-driven approach understands the context of queries, ensuring users get the most relevant results, leading them directly to the answers within your documentation.


Instant Site Search + AI Powered Chat

Instant Search and AI Powered Chat Trained on your Documentation.

Payment frequency


Get started with our basic features for free.

$0 /month

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  • Unlimited Instant Search Queries
  • 100 Bonus AI Messages + 10 AI Messages Every Month
  • Scan up to 50 Pages
  • 1 Site
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Kickstart your AI Powered Search with our startup plan.

$99 $120 /month

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  • Unlimited Instant Search Queries
  • 2,000 AI Messages Every Month
  • Scan up to 100 Pages
  • 1 Site
  • Purchase Additional Questions


Add Powerful Instant Search + AI Q&A to multiple sites.

$299 $358 /month

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  • Unlimited Instant Search Queries
  • 6,000 AI Messages Every Month
  • Scan up to 500 Pages across all your sites
  • 4 Sites
  • Remove Branding
  • Purchase Additional AI Questions


Powerhouse plan that supports upto 2000 pages + 12,000 AI Questions.

$599 $718 /month

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  • Unlimited Instant Search Queries
  • 12,000 AI Questions Every Month
  • Scan upto 2,000 pages
  • 10 Sites
  • Remove Branding
  • Purchase Additional Questions


Custom plan tailored to suit your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

DocuScout is an AI-powered search and chat tool designed to help users navigate and understand your documentation.

The AI in DocuScout is trained on your documentation. It uses natural language processing to understand user queries and provide relevant responses.

Yes, we use combination of fine-tuned OpenAI models to generate relevant answers.

In the free plan you get unlimited instant searches, 100 bonus AI questions on signup + 10 AI questions every month.

A token is equivalent to one AI message. This means that each time an AI message is generated, one token is used.

Additional tokens can be purchased with the paid plans. If you exceed your monthly token quota, you can add funds to your account. Using your account balance, additional tokens can be purchased. The cost of overage tokens is $0.05 per token.

If you exceed your monthly token limit and have automatic billing enabled, your payment method will be charged. The auto-recharge amount you've specified will be added to your account balance. Additional overage tokens will be charged to your account balance at a rate of 1 token = $0.05. If you've disabled automatic billing and your account balance reaches $0, the AI Chat will cease to function, though the Instant Search will continue to work.

Adding DocuScout to your site is very easy, you just have to paste the script tag and add a html div where you want the search to appear.

Yes, DocuScout allows you to create a unified search bar that can search across multiple sites. To do this, simply add multiple sitemaps or URLs from the other sites. Additionally, you have the option to create separate search bars for different sites, as well as scoped search bars that operate only within certain sections of the sites.