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Interactive Live Streaming APIs
and SDK:

Bring Audience Members on Stage

With Interactive Live Streaming audience you can bring audience members on stage and give them an opportunity to talk. You can also interact with live audiences, this is possible because of ultra low latency in Interactive Live Streaming.


Interactive Live Streaming

Interactive Live Streaming APIS and SDK with Metered.

With HD quality Voice that scales to Millions of Users.

Bring Audience Members on Stage to talk.

You can bring Audience members of stage to talk with interactive Live Streaming. Ultra Low latency Live Streaming with Metered Video

Low-latency video and audio plays in real time to your audience

The Live Streaming plays in real time to your audiences, so that you can have audience react to the streaming as it is happening.

Live Composite Recording.

You can record your Interactive Live Steaming in separate streams as well as a composite recording.

Engage with massive audiences

Engage with Millions of participants with Live Streaming.

Highly flexible live streaming software/Stream to multiple Channels

Live Streaming to multiple channels like Facebook, Google, youtube, vimeo or stream on your own platform with Metered.

Detailed docs and Sample Live Streaming app available

Detailed developer Documentation and support team to help you with the implementation.

HD Live Streaming

Live Stream in Full HD and HD sound to create best experiences.

Multiple Live Video Streams

you are speaking or a student is. With active speaker detection enabled, you can highlight the person who is speaking.

HD quality sound

With a host of Analytics features available in the dashboard you can see the in and outs of your application.

Bring Audience Members on Stage.

With Ultra Low Latency in Interactive Live Streaming, you can interact with live audiences including bringing live audience members on stage

Online Events

Use Interactive Live Streaming for Online Events and interact with your audience with Metered Video APIS.


People can interact with each other during Social events with Metered APIs and SDK.

Marketing Events

Metered Live Streaming can help with Marketing Events

Shopping and Retail

Shopping and Retail Events can use Live Streaming Metered Video APIs

Education and Training

Live Stream Seminars and Educational events to your audiences with Metered Video SDK and API.


Live Stream Entertainment events and shows with Metered Video APIs and SDK

Talk Show

You can broadcast your talk show to audiences with Metered SDK and APIs.

Sports Broadcast

You can broadcast the Sports to audiences with Metered Video APIs and SDK.