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Voice Calling APIs
and SDK:

Crystal clear Voice Calls

1:1 and Group Voice only calls. Crystal Clear audio with features like Super Massive Conferencing, Active Speaker Detection, Recording and Alerts.


Voice Calling

Developer First Voice Calling with Metered Voice APIs and JavaScript SDK

With HD quality Voice that scales to Millions of Users.

Highly Scaleable

Metered Voice APIs and SDKs run on Enterprise Grade Infrastructure and provide Voice backends

Record Voice Calls and Live Streams (learn More)

We offer recording on composite streams as well as individual streams. All the recordings are stored safely in the cloud for you to access them whenever needed.

Live Streaming (learn More)

With Live Streaming functionality you can stream to millions of users. If you want to you third party streaming providers we also have RTMP out and HLS streams.

Interactive Live Streaming (learn More)

You can create interactive live streams in which you can bring users on stage and interact live with your users. Interactive live streams have ultra low latency.


With client to server encryption, and features like ask for permission before you can enter. You can rest assured that your data is safe and secure with Metered Voice APIs and SDK.

Active speaker detection

With Active Speaker detection your can easily single out who is speaker at the moment and highlight them accordingly.


With a host of Analytics features available in the dashboard you can see the in and outs of your application.

Voice Calling that Scales to Millions of Users.

With Metered Voice APIS and SDK, easily create Voice Calling applications that scale to Millions of Users. Create Voice Calling apps with features like Super Massive Rooms, Crystal Clear audio, Active Speaker detection, Cloud composite recording and much more.

Crystal Clear HD Voice

With Metered apis and sdk you get crystal clear HD Voice calling and Conferencing. Also conduct massive voice only events and conferences.

Super Massive Voice Only Rooms

Create Super Massive voice only rooms and meetings with Metered Voice Only APIs. Upto 10,000 participants in meetings and unlimited participants in Streaming.

Recording (Separate as well as Composite Streams available)

Record individual audio streams of participants as well as a composite stream of the meeting. All the recordings are safely stored in the cloud.

Active Speaker Detection

If you activate the active speaker detection then, the active speaker will automatically be detected and can be highlighted.

Smooth across all network conditions.

Metered Voice APIs automatically adjusts video resolution according to devices and network specifications so as to provide the best quality and smooth experience across all network conditions.

Alerts and Notifications

With Metered webhooks you can get alerts and notifications whenever a call comes to your app or website. You can easily integrate alters and notifications in your app or website with Metered Voice APIs and SDK.