Metered | Video

WebRTC for Embedded & IoT Devices.

Powerful C++ Video & Audio SDK

Add Real-Time Audio and Video Streaming Capabilities to your Embedded/IoT Devices with the Metered C++ Video SDK.

webrtc for embedded and iot devices

Powerful C++ Chat SDK

Add Scalable Video and Audio Streaming to your IoT Devices.

Stream live camera from Embedded Devices to Web Interface.

Easily Integrate Video Capabilities

Add video and audio streaming from your IoT/Embedded Device to web in minutes.

Highly Scalable

Stream video from thousands of Real-Time Devices without worrying about scalability.

Secure (End-To-End Encrypted)

All the video and audio streams are end-to-end encrypted using DTLS and SRTP.

Bi-Directional Streaming

Stream audio and video to and from the device.

NAT Traversal

Built-in NAT Traversal, with ability to traverse strictest corporate firewalls and CGNATs.

Supports ARM, x86 and x64

Native C++ support for ARM, x86, x64, Linux and Windows Platforms.