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Metered | Video

Live Streaming
with Metered:

Stream to Millions of Audiences

Stream to millions of Audiences with Live Streaming from Metered.


Live Streaming

Live Stream to Millions of audiences with Metered Video.

HD Quality Live Streaming with Metered Video

Highly Scaleable

Highly Scalable Live streaming with Metered Video. Stream to Millions of Audiences.

Record Live Streams in HD (learn More)

We offer recording of composite streams as well as individual streams. All the recordings are stored safely in the cloud for you to access them whenever needed.

HLS Streams

Use HLS Streams to stream to multiple audiences using Metered APIS and SDK.

Interactive Live Streaming (learn More)

You can create interactive live streams in which you can bring users on stage and interact live with your users. Interactive live streams have ultra low latency.

Use Third Party Streaming Service

Use third party Streaming services like youtube, twitch etc with Metered RTMP OUT.

Use Metered Live Stream Services

Directly add video tag to your website or app to start streaming with Metered Video Live Stream Service (HLS Streams)

Composition (learn More)

Create Composed streams with multiple users live streaming at once and a composed stream is sent to the audiences and recorded on the cloud.


We have RTMP OUT functionality available so that you can use third party platforms for your live streaming.