Metered | Video

Video API, SDK and Screen Sharing

For Telemedicine and Telehealth.

HIPAA compliant Video APIS and Screen Sharing SDK to connect service providers with Patients.


Integrate HD Video into your telemedicine application. E-visits and medical consultations.

With Metered Video APIs seamlessly integrate video into your telemedicine application and connect patients with doctors using Metered Video APIs and SDK

Metered Video SDK and APIS for your telemedicine.

Integration Support

Email Us or Call us and one of our integration and developer support specialist will help you seamlessly integrate Metered Video apis and sdk into your Telemedicine app or website.

Metered Video APIs and SDK for telemedicine

Metered Video APIs for Telemedicine

Connect Patients with service providers with Metered Video API and SDK.

With HD video and HIPAA compliance, connect patient with doctors with Metered Video APIS.

Highly Scaleable Video APIs

Metered Video APIs and SDKs run on Enterprise Grade Infrastructure and provide Video backends to highly scaleable applications for Enterprises as well as startups.

HD Video Calling

With HD video calling and upto 5k Screen Sharing, share health documents and conduct meetings with patients in HD quality Video.

1-1 Calls

Conduct 1-1 meetings between doctors and patients using Metered Video APIS and SDK.

Group Calls

Create and Schedule Meetings among service providers or conduct medical awareness champaigns with upto 50 Members with Metered Video and Screen Sharing APIs and SDK with features like Active speaker detection.

Multi device Support

Calling on Mobile with bad reception, no problem. Metered Video APIS and SDKS automatically adjust call quality keeping in mind the bandwidth, screen resolution and a host of other factors.


With client to server encryption, and features like ask for permission before you can enter the Meetings or private meeting in which only the people invited can join. Metered video is GDPR compliant.

Screen Sharing

Share you screen in upto 5K resolution with, so that the whiteboard and presentation looks pixel perfect to your Patients.

Active speaker detection

Identify when a patient or a doctor is speaking with Active speaker detection feature in Metered Video API and SDKs.


With a host of Analytics features available in the dashboard you can see the in and outs of your application during the live event.