Metered | Video

Why Metered Video :

Enterprise Scalability, Reliability and Developer First Video.

1:1 and Group Video Calls, Voice Only calls, Recording, Composition, Interactive Live Streaming, 99.99% server Uptime, Detailed Docs and Sample APPS


Video APPS

Developer First Video Calling and Live Streaming with Metered Video APIs and SDK.

With HD quality Video that scales to Millions of Users.

Pay Per Minute

Pay per minute and conduct meetings that scale upto thousand of participants without any separate configuration, the same meeting room can scale from 2 to 100,000 participants as the users join the meeting

Interactive Live Streaming

Conduct meeting with tens of thousands of participants with the ability to allow the participants to broadcast audio and video into the meeting.

Ability to record meeting in composed view

where all the participants are shown in a grid or active speaker layout

Ability to recording individual participants streams

in highest quality with separate audio and video streams

Ability to send a single composed video stream to

all users or to specific users, using a composed stream mobile devices that have low bandwith as well as older smartphones or computer can join the meeting with hundreds of participants while using minimal cpu and bandwidth

Get livestream URL for Meetings in HLS and DASH

For each meeting you can get a livestream url that can be easily embedded in a video tag


Send the meeting to other livestreaming services, like Youtube live, Twitch, Mux etc. that accepts RTMP input

Ability to add custom watermark to the livestream or composed recording

Add a custom watermark to your videos to signify ownership and copyright your videos.

Audio only livestreaming

Allow users in the audio livestream to share their audio