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WebRTC Video Calling APIs, Proven Real Time Communication Capabilities.

Pay As You Go Pricing. Free $30 Credit on Signup



USD 0.003 /min
participant-min (relayed)
  • Integration Support
  • Pay as you go
    (Free 30 USD credit on Sign Up)
  • Audio Only mins at $0.00072 /min (USD)
  • Group Video upto 10,000 Users.

  • Native Resolution
    Screen Sharing.(Upto 5k Video).

Video Chat API, SDK and TURN Servers
that Scale.

Completely Pay as you GO Pricing.

Video Calling


per participant per min

  • HD Quality Video
  • Meetings with 10,000 participants.
  • Volume discounts available.
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Voice Only Calls

$0.00072 USD

per participant per min.

  • Crystal Clear High Fidelity Sound
  • Meetings with Upto 10,000 participants
  • Volume Discounts Available
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Audio Stream Only Recording


per participant per min

  • Voice Only Recording
  • Separate Recording for each participant.
  • Composed Recording also available.
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Composed Recording


per participant per min

  • High Quality Recording
  • Single composed stream with all participants
  • Ability to add watermark
  • Different Layouts Available
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Recording Storage

$0.015 USD

per GB per day.

  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Storage Capacity
  • Pay as you GO pricing
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Real-Time Live Streaming


per participant per min + $99/mo

Min/Month Cost Per Min
100K - 500K $0.0028
500K - 1M $0.0015
+1M - 5M $0.0013
+5M - 10M $0.0012
+10M - 20M $0.0011
+20M $0.0010
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per min

  • Ability to Record the Composition
  • Ability to Stream the Composition
  • Ability to add watermark
  • Different Layouts Available
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HLS Streaming

$0.015 USD

per participant per min.

  • HLS Streaming
    for upto Unlimited participants
  • RTMP out also available
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per participant per min

  • HD Quality Video
  • You can use third party
    streaming providers like Youtube, Vimeo etc.
  • Use can also use Metered HLS Live Streaming
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Video Recording

$0.004 USD

per participant per min.

  • Individual Streams Recording
  • Voice and Video Recording
  • Composed Recording also available
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Minute Volume / month List Price Discount Cost/ participant-min (Video) Cost/ participant-min (Audio)
100k - 500k 6% $0.0028 USD $0.00067 USD
+500k - 1M 10% $0.0027 USD $0.00064 USD
+1M - 5M 20% $0.0024 USD $0.00057 USD
+5M - 10M 30% $0.0021 USD $0.00050 USD
+10M - 20M 40% $0.0018 USD $0.00043 USD
+20M > 50% $0.0015 USD $0.00036 USD

Pricing Calculator

Use the pricing calculator to calculate your daily meeting costs with Metered.


Video and Audio

Only Audio

Number of Meeting Participants:

Participants: {{meeting_participants_value}}

Meeting duration in Minutes:

Minutes: {{meeting_duration_minutes}}

Daily Meetings:

Number of Meetings in a day: {{daily_meetings_value}}

Number of Live Stream Users:

Live Stream Participants: {{live_event_participants_value}}

Storage Used:

Storage: {{storage_used_value}} GB / day

If you need more meeting participants or live stream users kindly contact us.

Calling or meetings are billed per participant per minutes

Record audio and video streams of individual participant in separate audio and video files.

Create a composed video+audio of all the participants in a meeting (upto 16) into a single video stream.

Record the composed video+audio stream.

Stream the composed via HLS livestream.

Send the meeting via RTMP to other livestreaming services like YouTube/Twitch/Facebook Live etc.

Metered: with Awesome Features

Create WebRTC Video/Audio and Screen Sharing calling applications with email and phone support.

Get started today
  • HD-Video and Audio with Metered
  • Dedicated static IP Address
  • HIPAA eligible video.
  • Upto 10,000 people group videos
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Developer First APIs
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Enterprise Grade Infrastructure.
  • Transparent Billings
  • Custom Plans and Discounted price with committed use.

Frequently asked questions

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Do you offer committed use discounts?
Our discount increases along with your business. The more you commit to purchase every month the greater the discount
Any other questions?
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