Metered | Video

Cloud Recording APIs
and SDK:

Record video, audio and Live Streamings

1:1 and Group Voice only calls. Crystal Clear audio with features like Super Massive Conferencing, Active Speaker Detection, Recording and Alerts.


Live Recording

Record Live Video Meetings, Voice Meetings and Live Streams.

All the Recordings are saved in the Highest quality possible and stored on the cloud.

Individual Streams Recording

Metered Voice APIs and SDKs run on Enterprise Grade Infrastructure and provide Voice backends to highly scaleable applications across major schools and universities

Composite Recording

With HD Voice calling and upto 5k Screen Sharing, teaching and learning with Metered Voice is like being there.

Customizable Layout

Create 1-1 calling with breakout rooms, to better understand concepts or to take individual tests.

Automatic Backup and Cloud Storage

Teach upto classes of 50 with Metered Voice and Screen Sharing SDK and APIs,

Recording APIS

Manage, fetch, download, delete, start recordings.


With client to server encryption, and features like ask for permission before you can enter the classroom. You can rest assured that your data is safe and secure with Metered Voice.


Share you screen in upto 5K resolution with, so that the whiteboard looks pixel perfect to your students. Create engaging experiences with Metered Voice.

Active speaker detection

Wheather you are speaking or a student is. With active speaker detection enabled, you can highlight the person who is speaking.

Developer First Solution

Detailed Developer Documentation, Sample APPS, Phone and Email Support.


Add your watermark to recordings for copyright and ownership purposes.

Metered Cloud Recordings.

ALl the recordings are stored on the cloud for easy access and safe storage.

Online Education

Record Classes for teacher as well as student review. Easily add watermark before distributing videos.

Customer Service

Record video of your team providing Customer service to your Customers

Content Moderation

Record Video for Content Moderation purposes

Team Meetings

Record your team meetings for review purposes


Record your Sales team providing demos to your customers.