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Adding Watermark

Adding Watermark to Composite Video or Live Stream

In this guide, we will explain how to add a water mark to your composite video or Live Stream.

1. Enable Watermark through Dashboard

  1. You can go to dashboard then click on the Create Room button or

  2. Click on the Rooms button and click on the edit button next to the room on which you want to add a watermark

    On the Rooms page you can see the Enable Watermark button enable it.

    Now, you will have to upload the watermark image that you want in the video and you can adjust the position of the watermark as well using the 4 pre-defined options or position watermark precisely using custom options

    These options are:

  • Top Left: Position watermark on the top left of the screen

  • Top Right: Position watermark on the top right of the screen

  • Bottom Left: Position watermark on bottom left of the screen

  • Bottom Right: Position watermark on bottom right of the screen

    Optionally, you can also specify custom width and height of the watermark also custom watermark position using Position X and Position Y

    Note: Composition will be automatically be enabled if you enable watermark in your video

    recording_through_dashboard Watermark settings in a room