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Rest API - Introduction

In Metered we provide the REST APIs to perform all the functions that can be done from the dashboard and more.

Explore all the available API through the sidebar.


To use the Metered REST API you need to have an account, if you don't already have an account you can easily signup for a free account from here:

Acquiring the Secret Key

You will need the Secret Key to authenticate with the API, the Secret Key can be found under the Developers tab on the dashboard.

secret key secret key

Once you have obtained the Secret Key we can use it to call the REST API.

Never Expose your Secret Key to the Front End

Secret Key should never be exposed in the Front End and must always be used by your back-end server-side application.

Calling the REST API

To call REST API you would have to send the request to your metered domain.

Here is an example cURL request to Create A Room:

curl --request POST \
--url \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{"globalToken":true}'

You will receive the following response:


"privacy": "public",
"deleteOnExp": false,
"autoJoin": false,
"enableRequestToJoin": true,
"enableChat": true,
"enableScreenSharing": true,
"joinVideoOn": true,
"joinAudioOn": true,
"ownerOnlyBroadcast": false,
"enableRecording": false,
"ejectAtRoomExp": false,
"lang": "en",
"archived": false,
"_id": "6113f3901baf459debe6a33b",
"roomName": "myroom",
"app": "61017571c22d9d49b56f6996",
"created": "2021-08-11T15:58:08.559Z",