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Metered | Video

Video Call API and SDK + Live Streaming, Voice Call and Screen Sharing

For Developers

Developer First Video Chat, Live Streaming and Screen Sharing APIs. Create Highly custom 1 to 1 and Group Calling Video and Live Streaming Apps and websites that scales upto thousands of users with detailed documentation and developer support.


Video SDK and API Infrastructure Provider

Trusted by developers from Fortune 500 Companies.

Participant Super Massive Meetings
Low Latency Calls with Dedicated Edge Servers in Every Continent
Edge Servers


Everything you need to build your Video app

Build Video APPS or integrate video in to your existing app or website using Metered Video APIS and SDK. Scalable, Reliable and efficient. Start building your video apps in minutes instead of months.

#1 Trusted Provider of WebRTC Video and Audio Calling API

Highly Scalable Video Calling, Voice Calling, Recording, Live Streaming, Interactive Live Streaming with Metered Video APIs

Video Chat API for your Website or APP

Integrate High quality Video Calling into your website or APP using Metered API.

HD Quality Video.
With Metered you get High quality video through SFU. Optimized to work with all kinds of network conditions the world over
Enterprise Scalability
Metered scales to millions of Video calls per minute, Metered is based on Enterprise infrastructure around the world.
Phone and Email Support.
You get Free Phone (9:00 AM to 9:00 PM ET) and Email support with Any Metered Plan. Get a Dedicated Customer Success Manager and 24X7 Support with Enterprise Plan.

Developer focused and Enterprise ready.

Detailed Documentation and developer support (Phone and Email)
Metered has detailed documentation and developer support. Read our documentation, if need you can also email us or call us and someone from our developer support team would be happy to help.
Transparent Billings
Transparent and detailed billing report, means you know what you are paying for and there are no hidden fees.
GDPR Compliant
Metered is GDPR Compliant. So you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.

Integration Assistance Guaranteed Free Integration Support with Every Account.

Global Scale

Calling Features

HD Quality calls with our Enterprise Grade infrastructure.

1-1 Calls

Create 1-1 Video/Audio calls in HD quality with Metered APIs.

Group Calls Upto 10,000 Users

Conduct Group Calls with Upto 10,000 Online users with Metered Video / Audio APIs.

Screen Sharing

Share your Screen along with the calls with Metered Screen Sharing APIs.

Audio Only Calls

Want to create Audio only calls, you can with Metered APIs, create 1-1 audio as well as group audio calls.

Incoming Call Notifications

Get incoming call notifications on your mobile or web app with Metered. Create awesome experiences for your users.

Multi-Device Support

From Desktops to mobiles, from tablets to even IoT devices, Conduct meetings and receive calls and build apps with Metered APIs.

Push notifications for iOS and Android

Get Push Notifications on iOS and Android devices

Auto-Reconnect, Call logs

Automatically re-connect calls and re-join meetings in Metered Video / Audio APIs

Above and Beyond

API, Dashboard Features.

Metered Video / Audio and Screen Sharing APIs. Build and Scale Applications, For Start Ups as well as Billion Dollar Enterprises

Public and Private Video and Audio Calls

Create Public Meeting where any one can ask to join or Private Video /Audio Meeting where only those invited can join.

Active Speaker Detection

Detect during meetings who is the Active Speaker at any point in time.

Owner Only Broadcast

With Owner only Broadcast. The Admin of the Meeting will be able to Broadcast the Video / Audio and Screen Share to participants.

Device selection and switching

Choose from Multiple Speakers (Headphones or Desktop speakers etc) and Multiple Mics and switch between speakers and devices with Metered.

Call event Webhooks

Get webhooks for all the call events to enable various features in your app.

Auto expire after X seconds

Set Meeting to Automatically expire after a set amount of time.

Server-relayed call connections

All Calls are relayed through the server for High Quality, Smooth and Consistent Calls.

Call Analytics, Call logs and metadata retrieval

Find what you need with advanced filters, bulk actions, and quick views.

Automatically end meeting

Automatically end meeting after a event has occurred (set time, or some other metric)

No extra charge for TURN STUN usage

No extra charges for STUN TURN usages

Meeting Start NOT Before set Time

Meeting will not start before the Time set by the Admin.

Set participant max Meeting Time

Participant will be allowed in the meeting only for a set time. After their time is done they will automatically exit the meeting.

Privacy and Security

Security and Compliance

Get Best of Security and Compliance with Metered.

GDPR Compliance

We are fully GDPR Compliant.


With Metered get HIPAA Ready Video / Audio Conferencing and Screen Sharing.

REST API secure with SSL/TLS

Secure Video / Audio REST APIs with SSL/TLS.

User Authentication

With Built in User Authentication.

Encrypted Media Stream

Media Streams are Encrypted in Metered.

Use Cases

From Telehealth to Education, From Expert Support to Hiring, from Field Services to Sales and Social. We have got you covered.

Economical and Enterprise ready

Metered's Enterprise Scalability and large scale infrastructure Deployment around the world, means enterprise dependability that you need and Economical cost of operation that you want.

Connect doctors and care providers with patients. With special HIPAA-ready Video calling APIs.
Education / Remote Learning
Create awesome educational and e-learning websites/apps integrate video calling with classroom, whiteboard and educational apps with Metered 1-1 tutoring sessions, group classes and much more.
Expert and Field services
Automate and implement services and processes by adding video and audio communications to your APPs and websites.

Dependable, scalable, Video communications. Get fantastic R.O.I with Metered.

Get fantastic R.O.I with Metered. The cost of operation is half of the Competition and further goes down as you scale. With infrastructure deployment the world over you get the dependability you need.

Sales / Retail
Give beautiful demos and great customer-service right from your platform. With HD-quality Video/Audio communications from Metered.
Hiring and Workplace Collaboration.
Create awesome workplace Collaboration and Hiring processes with Metered.
Social Apps and gaming
Build Multi-player video and audio interactions in your apps with Metered also Integrate Video into social experiences and drive up the Engagement with Metered.

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WebRTC Video Calling APIs, Proven Real Time Communication Capabilities.

Pay As You Go Pricing



USD 0.003 /min
participant-min (relayed)
  • Integration Support
  • Pay as you go
    (Free 30 USD credit on Sign Up)
  • Audio Only mins at $0.00072 /min (USD)
  • Group Video upto 10,000 Users

  • Native Resolution
    Screen Sharing.(Upto 5k Video).


$ 0.005 /min
participant-min (relayed)
  • SD Video

  • Compressed Non-Native Resolution Screen Sharing

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