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POST : API to Generate Access Token


<appname> - replace it the name of your app.


This endpoint allows you to generate an access Token


secretKeystringyour secret keyyes-
isAdminbooleanis this user admin in the meeting. Admin can allow other users without a token in private meetings, and meeting can be create where only admin can broadcast. (share their screen, audio or video)nofalse | true
roomNamestringname of the room you want to limit the token tono-
globalTokenbooleancreate a token that is valid for all the rooms in the appnofalse | true
namestringName of the user. When the user joins the meeting this will be name of the userno-
emailstringEmail you want to set for the user, can be used in your applicationno-
metastringmeta info you want to associate with the participantno-
externalUserIdstringuserId you want set for the participantno
expireUnixSecintegerunix timestamp in seconds. user cannot join the room after this time is
notBeforeUnixSecintegerunix timestamp in seconds. user cannot join the meeting before this
ejectAfterElapsedTimeInSecintegerEject user automatically after the specified seconds. Suppose you want to eject the user automatically after 30 mins then you will set this value to 1800 (30 mins in seconds)no-
joinVideoOnbooleaniframe only option.nofalse | true
joinAudioOnbooleaniframe only option.nofalse | true
disableVideobooleaniframe only option.nofalse | true
disableAudiobooleaniframe only option.nofalse | true
disableScreenSharingbooleaniframe only option.nofalse | true

Request Samples

curl --request POST \
--url '{replace_this_with_your_secretKey}' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{"globalToken":true}'


"token": ""

"success": false,
"message": "Invalid request"