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Recording Composed Meeting

Recording the Composed Meeting

In this article we will learn about recording the composed meeting

Key Concepts

Key Concepts

Room: Represents a place where an audio/video meeting takes place. Each room has a unique URL and can have different settings like public or private etc.

Session: A meeting that happened in the room is the session. The session would contain the duration, the number of participants, etc. Each Room would have multiple sessions. and there would be only one session active at a time for each room.

Participant Session: When the user joins a meeting, a participant session is created for the user. The participant session would contain the participant's joinTime, leftTime, browser, os etc.

Composition Composition is using multiple video / audio streams to create a single video / audio stream. click here

Composed Recordings have to enabled in a meeting room. You can enable recording by

  1. going to room settings from Dashboard.

  2. programatically through API

    We will look into both the methods below:

1. Enable Composed Recordings through Dashboard.

  1. You can go to dashboard then click on the Create Room button or

  2. Click on the Rooms button and click on the edit button next to the room on which you want to enable composed recording.

    On the Rooms page you can see the Record Composition button enable it and the meeting sessions happening in this room will automatically be recorded.

Composition will be turned on if this option is selected.

composed_recording_through_dashboard Enable composite recording in a room

Managing Recordings through the Dashboard.

You can view, download and delete the recordings from the Metered Dashboard.

Once you are logged in to Metered, go to Cloud Recording you can see a list of your recordings in the table. recording_through_dashboard Recordings Table To view details about the recording click on the view button.

The view button will take you to the Recordings Page there you can see the details about the recording, you can also download the recording and see a 5 min preview of the recording

recording_through_dashboard Recording Page

2. Enabling Recording through Rest API.

You can enable recording through rest api by setting the record_composition:true flag when creating a room.

You can also set recording in an existing room by sending a PUT request through the api and setting the record_composition flag true / false

To learn more about APIs, visit the API documentation here.

Managing Composed Streams through Methods

1. join(options)

Join Method accepts options receiveVideoStreamType and receiveAudioStreamType the default is only_individual . The available options are

default: only_individual Available options:

  • none no video stream will be sent to the user.
  • only_individual: individual video stream of each participant will be sent to the user
  • only_composed: this option only works when composition is turned on in the meeting room, if only_composed is selected then only the composed video stream is sent to the user.
  • all: both individual and composed stream is sent to the user.

You need to set it to either only_composed or all to be able to record composed streams.

You can learn more about the Method here